Innovation research and startup scouting
Expand faster your pipeline of startups, tech companies and innovative solutions.
What is startup scouting
With our researches, we help corporations and investors find more good startups faster than competitors do. And our experience with startup investments helps us better evaluate innovations and faster implement them within the company.
We will speed up your search for innovation:
Discover startups and disruptive technologies
Explore new ideas for your industry
Directly reach best teams and companies
We do research you can trust
The largest base of startups in Ukraine
There are dozens of researches and thousands of startups in a variety of fields conducted by our team. You will immediately gain access to our expertise.
We are one of the most active players in the Ukrainian startup ecosystem
The wide network of contacts we have will enable us to cover most of the market and to never miss promising opportunities and companies.
Access to relevant research results
Throughout our cooperation, you will get access to the information that we discovered in our past studies. We follow trends.
We don't focus on one industry
70% of innovations come on the intersection of related industries - thus, it is important to monitor the entire market
Research “Ukraine’s startup needs’ in a wartime 2022”
The strategic plan for international organization to support the development of Ukraine's Industry 4.0 for 2022-2023
Internal research of Industry 4.0 needs in wartime in Ukraine 2022
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Why work with Center42?
5 years of experience, 10 000+ scouted startups
Center42 is a committed team with a powerful innovation DNA
Proved by international partners and clients
Center42 is a committed team with a powerful innovation DNA
10+ big researches annually
We stay up-to-date with innovation and regularly conduct a series of industry researches in very verticals.
Vast network of 50+ ecosystem partners
We can help you with almost any challenge related to innovation, startups, new technologies.
Industry agnostic approach
70% of innovation comes on the intersection of related industries. Thus, we target any vertical with cross-industry focus.
Let's innovate together.
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