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Solve business and society challenges through innovation

Center 42 Innovation Agency helps companies and international organizations, like the United Nations, USAID, Amazon, Bayer, Google, launch startup programs (accelerators, incubators, startup competitions, hackathons), and conduct analytical research and strategies on startups, tech entrepreneurship, and innovation areas.

Center42 is an impact-oriented ecosystem company that helps to solve business and society challenges through innovation.

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Innovation research and strategies.
Supporting organizations with best practices and vital analytical superpowers.
Market mapping
Tech industry research & analysis
Our strong cross-functional expertise in innovation, startups, and technology entrepreneurship helps us easily research new industries and deeply understand modern trends, key market trends, and essential industry shifts.

Delegate us the direction, and we will help you to deliver tangible insights valuable for your goals.
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Strategy on innovation, technology, venture building
We help companies and organizations unleash their hidden potential and define their strategy of working with entrepreneurs, startups, and new business models.

Engage us in the creation of your corporate innovation department, venture studio, accelerator, or the next new venture.
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Capacity building
Strategies for startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem development
We support local and international organizations with action plans creation focused to support entrepreneurship, startup ecosystem, and innovation development in regions and country.

We deeply understand global technology trends and are constantly studying best practices from successful ecosystems and markets.
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Scouting for new business models and startups
If you are looking for startups or new business models relevant to your goals, we will help you to conduct research and create a database of the right companies, partners, or potential customers to reach.

Our research is always a high-quality product thanks to our own one of the largest startup databases in Ukraine and partnerships with international startup investors, accelerators, and organizations. Companies such as Amazon, Dentsu, USAID have already become our partners.
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Startup programs and innovation events.
Empowering digitalization and innovation capacity building at emerging markets
Startup competitions & challenges to find innovative solutions
Innovation permeates all industries without exception. So we help world-renowned companies and international organizations like UN, USAID, and Bayer to stimulate innovation in their industries and society through startup events and tech competitions.

Our goal is to find solutions and tech teams that can improve our partners' businesses and help them launch new products, as well as projects that can make the world a better place to live.
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Online / offline hackathons & ideathones
Hackathons are sometimes creative and practical ways to generate innovative solutions and find new ideas to improve business and society.

We regularly hold our own offline and virtual hackathons for our partners and sponsors – such as UN, Ubisoft, Voodoo, and others.
In the era of the pandemic, we have learned to conduct effective online events, create beautiful broadcasts, and gather participants among individual regions of the country and worldwide.
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Acceleration and incubation programs for startups
Our entrepreneurial, educational, and startup expertise helps us to create specific on-demand programs focused on different industries, topics and niches.

We are a large ecosystem player with a powerful network and portfolio. It is a pleasure to cooperate with us!
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educational events and mentorship programs
We successfully create internal online and offline events for company employees and partners, which help increase the organization's innovation culture, find ideas for new products, and turn them into prototypes of future solutions.
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Why innovation is so important and how it's useful?
For businesses.
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  • Discover innovative trends and threats
  • Launch new products and business models
  • Attract creative, progressive talents
  • Implement innovative solutions in your current services
  • Adapt your digital strategy for the new world's challenges
  • Get innovative PR on the market
For society.
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  • Solve civic challenges thanks to new technologies
  • Fight corruption thanks to open data
  • Launch digital services to improve public health and the health care system
  • Improve governance and interaction between government and citizens
  • Launch services to fight climate change and ecology issues
  • Solve challenges posed by Russia-Ukraine war, COVID-19 pandemic and other global problems

We support global innovators.

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Let's innovate together.
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